Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We're Coming Home

April 29,2009
We made it safely to Hong Kong and got to our hotel room around 11 pm. The hotel is very nice. Thank you Doreen. The train ride was much better than the first one. Very nice seats and air conditioned. Just getting all the luggage on and off with baby was difficult. Once in Hong Kong a driver got us out of the taxi line and offered us a ride to the hotel for $10. We took it. It is 7am and both Tim and Gideon are still sleeping but we need to get going to breakfast because we need to leave for the airport at 9:10. It won't be long now and we will all be together at last. We have felt all your prayers here. Everything has been so well orchestrated. Gideon is a genuine gift from up above and we are so very blessed. Just about 24 hours and we will be there. We will call Paula from Chicago to let her know if we are making our connecting flight. Love you all. Last post from Hong Kong, Tim, Jackie and Gideon

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pictures from Monday 4/27

Our friends from Seattle
Jennifer, Anna and Peter

Shopping trip

April 27, 2009
Our day started out just like most of the others with us getting ready and going to breakfast. Gideon loves his congee. He eats a bowl full at each meal. He loves yogurt too. He is getting a little better with solids but still hasn't mastered chewing very well. We went to Starbucks again and enjoyed the morning. We skyped with the kids again. They all look so sweet but kind of sad. I know they miss us so much. Paula looks tired and ready for us to be home too. We talked with our friends on Skype too and then Gideon and I set out for our walk around the island. It is so peaceful and the weather is great right now. It was so nice to just watch the people. There were brides all over the island today having photo shoots. They are so beautiful to watch. We met up with our friends from Seattle for lunch at Lucy's again. Then it was time for the girls with the babies to head out to the market area. It was so crowded and very loud there. We shopped but honestly it was difficult to shop with so many people everywhere. We had fun though just shopping and talking and the babies were soo good. We walked back to Shamian island--not a simple feat I might add but we did it. Tim and I went back out for dinner and a little walking around the island. We went back to our friend J's store to shop and to tell her good bye. We exchanged email addresses. We will stay in touch. Tomorrow is our last morning here. We have our oath ceremony at 2:45 and our train doesn't leave until 8:45. Not sure what we are going to do with the over 4 hours but we will figure it out. Please be praying for our safety on the train and for us to get around Hong Kong on our own. Then to make our flight without any difficulty on Wednesday. We will be all on our own with no guide. We need big prayers to make our connecting flight in Chicago as we only have 1 hour between flights. We should be arriving home Wednesday evening at 6:02 pm on flight 6476 on United. Can't wait to see everyone and tell you all about our very blessed adventure. Saying good night on our last night in Guangzhou.
Tim, Jackie and Gideon

Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Pics from April 26

Shamian Island

April 26,2009

Today has been a great day. I was able to sleep through the night from 10 pm to 7am. The best nights sleep yet. I showered and got ready for the day. Gideon woke about 8am happy as usual. We went to breakfast about 9am. Breakfast at the Victory was very nice. Not quite the White Swan but still very good. After breakfast we walked to StarBucks and had coffee--I actually had a cafe mocha. It was good, just not hot enough. We relaxed on the patio for a while and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for church. We went to the church that is both Mandarin and English. We sat in front of a family from Peoria Illinois. The father was there adopting his daughter and his 2 teenage daughters were with him. We had met him the day before at the medical exam. The church was packed. There were only a few americans there. It was so nice to sing and worship together. I got very emotional singing the songs in both English and Mandarin. The sermon was from John 13:34-35. He spoke about love. After church we walked though Shamian Park and met a very sweet chinese girl named J. She had seen us in the church and was anxious to talk to us. She was excited to tell us that she was a Christian because an American had told her about the bible. Her family is Buddhist and she hopes that one day they will listen and want to know about being a Christian too. We went back to the room for a while and then Tim laid down and I went out to walk and shop a little. Gideon and I walked and walked all over the island. The Christian girl I saw earlier found me and took me to her shop. She was trying to teach me to say things in Mandarin. She said I was very good. We talked for a while and then we walked some more. Tim and I then had plans to meet a couple we had met in Nanchang for dinner. They took us to a Shanghai restaurant and ordered traditional shanghai food. It was mostly good. Some was not but we really enjoyed most of it. We then walked to Lucy's for dessert--good old apple pie ala mode. Gideon and their little girl Anna sat side by side in their strollers and played. We then walked around the island with our new friends and really had an enjoyable evening. We plan on having lunch with them tomorrow at Lucy's and then going to the Market together. We have to stay in our room from 9am-12 noonwhile our guide is at the consulate in case there are any questions. Our new friends Jennifer and Peter are here until Thursday. We have really had a pleasant day today and Gideon has been the perfect little angel. He really was good all day even though he wouldn't take a nap. He went right to sleep as soon as we got back tonight and is sleeping soundly now. We are so thankful for all the blessings we have been given. We miss all our precious ones at home waiting for us. We can't wait to get home to all of you. Good night from Guangzhous, Love Mom, dad and Gideon.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Medcial Apointment

Pictures fo April 24 and 25th

Our Trooper Gideon

What an Adventure

April 25, 2009
The past 24 hours have been quite the adventure. Yesterday we had to check out of the hotel by 1:30 and our train didn't leave until 6:30 so we went to Walmart for a while then hung out in the lobby. Gideon was sooo good. He is so precious to put up with everything. Tim and Emma went to KFC about 4:30 and picked up food to eat on the train. Then we took a taxi to the train station. Oh my gosh. Utter chaos. We had to walk a great distance from where the taxi dropped us off to get to the train station. It was soooo crowded. Chinese people pushing and shoving all over the place. It was so muggy and hot. We finally got inside and found seats. The train station was packed full of people and it was so very hot. We had to wait over an hour for our train. Now mind you we had Gideon, 2 back packs, the computer, my pack (purse), and 2 large suitcases, plus Emma had a suitcase. They finally called our train and once again the pushing and shoving to get to the train. Well we had to walk a long way and then we had to get down steps with all the luggage. I had Gideon and a backpack and was pulling a large suitcase, I couldn't get down the steps and I was amazed but 2 chinese people helped us get down the steps instead of shoving us. It was very nice. We get to our train and have to get everything up and on the train and down this narrow hallway. We get to our berth and there are 2 men in there we have to share with. I was not happy but so exhausted at this point. We cram all our luggage into this berth onto the small cots. The 2 men took the 2 upper bunks, thankfully. We try to settle in. It was so incredibly hot and Gideon was soaked through with sweat. I took his clothes off and just put him in a clean diaper. The air was slowly beginning to cool the room off. We finally ate our cold Kentucky fried chicken. We then just sat back and watched the scenery pass for a while. The bathroom of course was down the hall and filthy and a squatty potty. I would not be using a bathroom for the next 12 hours! We made Gideon a bottle and then we all laid down and soon fell asleep. We slept off and on for the next 12 hours. Gideon actually slept pretty good. The train stopped at least 10 times throughout the night and it was quite loud. We arrived about 7am Saturday morning. We got all our luggage off the train and met Emma (she had a different berth in a different car). We then dragged all our luggage back down some stairs and outside to our car that was supposed to be waiting and wasn't. It was raining, we were tired, dirty and just feeling disgusting! We also were hungry. We finally get our car and head to the Victory which is about 30 minutes away. We arrive at The Victory and have some more difficulties at the desk about deposits. That is another story. We have less than an hour to go to our room, feed and change Gideon and freshen up and go to our Medical appointment. We quickly give Gideon a bottle and head back out in the rain to get Gideon's visa picture and then to his medical appointment. He weighed a whopping 17.3 lbs. The Doctors had some major discussions in Chinese about Gideon's special needs and shook their head a lot. Poor Gideon was so brave but the tears finally came. We finished up there and wanted to get some food. It was now 10am and we still hadn't eaten. But we needed to exchange money first at the bank. No simple process but finally completed. We walk to Lucy's and they don't open until 11am. We walked back to the hotel to get the baby carrier, some jackets and different shoes--my feet were soaked from the rain. Then we walked back to Lucy's and devoured our lunch. Gideon had chicken congee, I had a chicken quesedila and Tim had a double cheeseburger and fries. It hit the spot. We are now back in our room and Gideon is napping. The rain is letting up and we hope to have a more enjoyable day later on. But we survived, after many prayers for our safety. We persevered and made it here. We still have one more train ride and then off to home on Wednesday. We hope to settle in and enjoy the next couple of days. Gideon continues to be awesome. Still so happy---except for our time in the train station. He has been a real trooper. We love you all and can't wait to see everyone real soon. I will save this and post pictures in a separate post.
love ya,
Tim, Jackie and Gideon
Finally in Guangzhou

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hanging out

April 23, 2009

Another blessed day with our boy. Today Gideon awoke around 6am. We played for a while and he took a bottle then we all got ready for the day. We had another nice breakfast and then decided to take a walk. We took a different route today and walked down past McDonalds and went to a store called RT Mart. It was a 3 story store something like a Super Walmart only a little more upscale. After making a few purchases we walked back through the streets taking in the everyday China scenes. Shops, people playing checkers, children with their mothers or grandmothers, people on bikes and scooters. It is really very interesting to walk through their streets. We then met our guide and went to another park called August somehthing. It was nice and we watched the school children again. The parks all have amusement park type rides as well as other play areas for the kids. They have lots of paths to walk through the scenic areas with bridges over the waterways. Once back at the hotel it was bottle and nap time. The around 4:30 we met the Australian couple for some tea and or coffee and just had a nice visit with them. They are a wonderful Christian couple and we really enjoyed the afternoon with them. They adopted a 2 year little girl they call Grace. She is precious but very quiet and reserved right now. Gideon is very crazy and loud. We then came back to the room and ordered pizza from room service for us and some soup for Gideon. Then it was time for a bath for Gideon. He does not like his bath. He actually screams as soon as he sees me heading in the bathroom. We made it quick and painless. After that he was all smiles again. He was in bed by 8:30 though it took him a good half hour to fall asleep. He is sleeping soundly now. Tomorrow we are hoping to get a late checkout since our train doesnt leave until 6:30 pm. Please all be praying for us as this is going to be a big adventure for us. We will be traveling for 12 hours in a "soft sleeper". Pray for our safety and for Gideon to do well. We are heading into the last part of our journey and we are so looking forward to coming home to our family. We have been blessed in a huge way and are so greatful for what the Lord has done for us. We know he has big plans for this little boy and our journey is really just beginning. I'll try to post pictures from our day. Blessings from Nanchang

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pictures for 4/22

Posting pictures again for today.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

People's Park

April 22,2009
Today has been a great day. Gideon woke up around 8am and woke up happy. Tim played with him while I got ready. The kids skyped us from home. It was good to see them again. They look great. I think they really miss us. Only 1 more week and we will be home sweet ones. We then went to breakfast and Gideon chowed down on congee and scrambled eggs. He finished that off with apple juice. After some more playtime in the room we met our guide and went to People's Park. It was very nice. Some areas were very pretty and nicely kept and then other areas had garbage all over but for the most park it was a very nice park. We watched little preschool children in the park, they were all walking in a line and stopped. I was taking their picture when they all squatted down with pants down to do their business. It was quite funny. They were all very cute. We got an ice cream and Gideon loved it. While we were eating it a little family, mom dad and little boy about 2 came over. The little boy was so sweet. He wanted some icecream but his mama gave him a cracker and he immediately came over and shared it with Gideon. It was precious. We walked and walked and just enjoyed the morning. We came back to the hotel and Gideon is napping. We plan on taking another walk this afternoon and maybe go back to Walmart or McDonalds. We are enjoying our time here in Nanchang and met some very sweet couples from Australia who also received their babies the same day we did. They all waited 5 years for their precious ones. Tomorrow we go back to the notary for paperwork but then we will go sightseeing somewhere with Emma our guide again. Friday afternoon we get on a train and head for Guangzhou. We are looking forward to getting to Shamian Island. I am feeling much better today so thank you all for your prayers. Please keep posting comments we love reading them. I am going to try to post pictures again. So good by for now.
Tim, Jackie and Gideon

Pictures from Last Post

Trying for the umpteenth time to post the pictures.

Teng Wengde Pavillion

April 21, 2009
Ok this is my second time trying to post. I typed a long one and it was lost. I will try again.
After getting up at 4am Gideon did go back to sleep around 5:30 and slept until 8am. At breakfast he ate congee and steamed eggs and loved the apple juice. After breakfast we were ablto skype the kids. It was great to see and hear them. They get so excited. Loved being able to see their didi (little brother). Gideon loved to see them as well. We then skyped our friends the Clarks and had a nice time with them and their kids. After that we went to the Teng Wengde Pavillion. It was very nice walking around and looking at the pretty buildings and great views on the river. We walked up the stairs of the tallest building and saw a show at the top. Gideon loved the music and dancers. We met some high school kids there who were learning English. They loved having their pictures taken with us and talking with us. We enjoyed the day there. The weather was perfect. Gideon was so good the whole time. We then came back to the hotel for a nap. We all slept from 1 to 5:30. Gideon cried a little when I put him down but I just had to stroke his face and arm for a while and he went to sleep. This evening we walked to Walmart. The evening was very pleasant and it was a nice walk. We stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner. Gideon loved the mashed potatoes. The chicken was actually very good. I'm going to give Gideon a bath now. Just know that we are all doing well. Gideon is the best little guy and we are so very blessed to have been chosen to be his parents.
We love you all,
Good night and God Bless,
From Nanchang,
Tim, Jackie and Gideon

Monday, April 20, 2009

4 am

April 21, 2009
I am sitting here at 4am holding my sweet boy and reading all of your sweet comments. I have been crying as I read each one from all of you that have been following our journey for so long, some from the beginning. It really is a miracle, a wonderful act of God that we have this precious little boy with us right now. It could not have been better orchestrated. We treasure all of your prayers and sweet comments so please don't stop. Please pray that I adjust to this time zone, I have been unable to sleep since we arrived. Also I feel like I may be coming down with something so please continue to pray for our health. Gideon seems to be adjusting to us fine. I tried to feed him solid food last night. We had fried rice and wonton chicken soup. He has a hardtime with the solids. I don't think he has been given too much. We took it slow and he got some down. He is just so stinking cute! He has yet to cry. Even now he was just laying in his crib awake and since I was awake I picked him up but I don't think he would have cried. I guess he just got used to not having anyone to respond to his every cry so he doesn't do it. Anyway we are planning another trip to Walmart and maybe go to a park or something. It is supposed to be sunny and near 80 degrees. We love you all and can't wait to show you this precious little boy.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gotcha Day!

April 20, 2009

What a morning! We walked to the civil affairs office around 10:45 and went up to the 26th floor and walked into the civil affairs office. They weren't there yet. Our guide said she would wait in the hall and tell us when they got there. She ran in and said they are here. He was so precious. He was even more beautiful in person. He was very quiet and cautious at first but he didn't cry when they handed him to me and Tim had him laughing in no time. He is the happiest baby. We came back to the room and Tim turned on the TV while I did paperwork with Emma our guide. He found music and Gideon began to dance. He just loved it. Later our guide found in some of the notes from the nannies that Gideon loves TV. He is just so precious! We have been so very blessed once again. He is very small as we knew. He can move his arms and legs but not very well. He is not able to sit up by himself. He took right to a pacifier. Not sure if he ever had one but he loves it. Probably because he has never been able to put anything in his mouth since his arms don't bend that way. He is right now playing with Tim on the bed. He just laughs and laughs. He took a bottle for us and is just fitting right in. The Lord knew what he was doing once again. Later this afternoon we go back to the civil affairs office and to the notary for more paperwork and to pay more money. Tomorrow is a free day and it is supposed to be sunny and in the upper 70's. We are so in love and so very blessed. Now I'll post pictures!

Today's the Day!

April 20, 2009

Well it is 7:53 am and in just a little over 3 hours I will be holding my sweet Gideon. I have waited so long for this moment. I first saw his face back in November of 2007. What a journey this has been. The Lord has orchestrated every step. He has been a miracle working, mountain moving, awe inspiring God! We are going to try to eat some breakfast and kill some time until about 10:40 when we begin our journey to the civil affairs office. I feel so amazingly blessed today and everyday. Why The Lord chose us to go on this journey I don't know but we are very privileged to be a part of his plan. I just pray we continue to follow his will for the rest of our mighty warrior's life. Be praying at 11pm back home as we finally get to hold our boy!

Hey everyone...this is Jackie's friend, Doreen. Jackie's having a bit of technical trouble in China, but it looks like I'll be able to post pictures for her if necessary...no worries! We'll see Gideon (and his mama and baba) very soon! blessings

First Day in Nanchang

April 19,2009
We are coming to the end of our first full day in Nanchang. It was really pretty uneventful and very long. We had a very nice breakfast at the buffet and had the very famerous omelettes and they were veddy good. We hung out in our room and walked around the hotel but couldn't take a walk outside because it was raining very hard all day. Finally about 4pm we went with our guide to the bank in a taxi to exchange american money for chinese money for tomorrows fees. We later took the adventurous trip to walmart. Always an experience. We bought a few things and then came back to the hotel and ate dinner. I prepared things to take for when we get Gideon and prepared all the gift bags. We are just counting down the hours until we finally get to hold him. Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer here-no rain so we hope to fit a walk in there somewhere. I didn't take too many pictures today but I will post a few. The good pictures are coming tomorrow. Please all be in prayer as we receive our precious gift tomorrow. We love your comments so please keep them coming.Add Image Ok I tried to post pictures and it is blocking me for some reason. I hope this isn't the case the whole time we are here. I'll keep trying.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

We made it!

April 18,2009
We made it safely. We are very tired so will go to bed very soon. Our flights were uneventful. Our hotel is very nice. Our crib was delivered as well as a stroller and baby bathtub. Tomorrow we go to the bank to exchange money for all the fees and probably a walmart trip. Monday at 11am here which is Sunday night for you we will be getting Gideon. Please be praying for us as you go to bed. I will try to post as soon as I can after we get him. We are having trouble with the computer and with skype but will keep trying. We love and miss all of you. Talk to you all soon.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Leaving for China!

April 17, 2009
We will be leaving in just a few hours to finally bring our boy home!
It is 3:40 am and I still have to finish getting a few things together. I am very excited but getting tired too. Can't wait to get on that plane and crash. We just feel so blessed to be on our way to our son. The Lord promised he would provide what we needed and get our boy home and he has! All the mountains have been moved and we are going. Our Lord is one amazing Father. Will post more when we arrive.
Oh and to the 3 ladies waiting to bring their girls home I will do my best to get pictures and give them all a kiss from their mommies.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Leaving Friday!

April 15, 2009

Our Itinerary:

Fri April 17th depart Cincinnati at 10:02

Sat April 18th Arrive Nanchang 8:45 pm

Sun April 19 Free day

Mon April 20 Gotcha Day! 11:00 am

Fri April 24 Train to Guangzhou 6:30 pm

Sat Arpil 25 Arrive Guangzhou 6:45 am

Mon April 27 Consulate appt

Tues April 28 Swearing in and take train to Hong Kong

Wed April 29 Leave Hong Kong 12:45

Wed April 29 Arrive Cincinnati at 6:02 pm

Now I just need to finish packing!