Tuesday, March 31, 2009

33 Days and No TA!

March 31,2009
Feeling a little blue today since we still do not have our TA. Thursdays are typically big days for packages from China so I don't really expect to hear anything tomorrow either. But that is ok.
On the other hand I am also very excited about a couple of things.
#1 Sunday our dear friends from South Carolina contacted us to tell us that they could now provide us with enough frequent flyer miles for 2 round trip tickets to China not just 1! This is huge-Praising the Lord for this! He is mighty and I have been saying he will continue to move the mountains that are in the way of our bringing Gideon home. I will be having a yard sale on Saturday and I am doing a Parklane Jewelry fundraiser sale if anyone would like anything let me know. God just continues to provide in big ways!
#2 There is a family in China this week picking up their sweet daughter from the same orphanage as Gideon. They will be visiting tomorrow and promised to hug and kiss him for me and to try to get pictures to send me. So very soon I will be seeing more pictures of our boy.
Though a little disappointed today again about TA I am rejoicing about all the amazing things HE continues to do throughout this amazing journey. We have already been so blessed!
Hope to have even more news before the end of the week!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

1 MONTH Waiting

March 26th 2009
We have now been waiting 1 month since our LOA for our TA (travel approval). Still praying for tomorrow but have no words of encouragement from our agency. It is in the Lord's hands still and I know he knows best. We are hoping for travel around April 17th. Each day I pray for that phone call and wait anxiously. I have looked at his pictures over and over. I know it will happen at just the right time. In the mean time we are still trying to raise more money. I am continuing to work extra hours at work. I am going to have a yard sale next weekend and I am going to do this jewelry fundraiser if anyone is interested. We are still holding out hope for one last grant. My friend feels we are going to be blessed and amazed in the end-that the Lord has a big plan. I know that he is that mountain moving, awe inspiring, miracle working, gasp causing God, (quoting a blog friend), and I can't wait to see what he has planned. Hope to be posting very soon our news of TA.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Updated Pictures!

March 9, 2009

Is he not the cutest thing you ever saw! He looks smaller somehow. The Orphanage said he has been sick with a "cold" but I am concerned it was something more. If you'll notice on the pictures the one side of his head was shaved like maybe he had an IV there for antibiotics. He does look good in the pictures so I pray the worst of it is over and he is well again. I could just stare at his pictures all day. No TA yet but we will be having our travel call this week to discuss Visas and possible travel dates. I am still praying for early April travel. I also heard from one of the places I had applied for a grant with that they will be deciding this month on who to give the grants to. They have over 60 applicants. Please pray hard that we are one of the recipients. This would make all our fees and we would just have to worry about spending money. It is in the Lord's hands and I know he will make it all work out. We are praying for that large paper mountain to be moved and that our TA gets here in record time. Enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Friends in China

March 3, 2009

Our very good friends are in China now getting their precious son. He is 3 years old and has been doing amazingly well. He has adjusted to being a member of their family without much difficulty. They have been very blessed this week to add such a sweet little boy to their family. Please continue to pray for his continued adjustment and for their safety. They have a long stay and won't be coming home until 3/13. I can't wait to welcome them home. I am posting a few pictures of them and their precious new son.


March 3, 2009
Today I received a brief update from my friend Angela in China who was contacting the agency for me. This is what she found out.
He is still taking a bottle. They feed him rice, congee, crackers, etc.
Does he talk? He says few words sometimes. Such as nanny says :Ge Ge (big brother) and he will follow.
Ht 72 cm 28.34 inches, wt 8.5 kg or 18.7 lbs.
Is he a happy baby? Yes if there is someone playing with him or tease him he gets happy.
What comforts him? IF he cries just talk to him comfort and hold him.
How does he sleep? At night, just lay him in bed, he will fall to sleep in a short while. He sleeps on his back or side.
Any other things his parents should know? He is a boy with high self esteem. He gets upset if his nanny plays with other children. He likes to play with toys. He holds toys in his mouth when he plays.
I have asked them not to cut his hair and to send photos. Photos to come soon.

It is just so special to hear details about my sweet little boy. And to think next time I will be there in person being the one to comfort him and to love on him and feed him. I am praying for a departure date of about 4/10. We need TA by the end of March for that. So please pray with me for quick TA. I need to finally get this precious little boy home so he can begin the treatment he needs and can soon play with toys with his hands not his mouth.
My guess is he is about a 12 month size. He is tiny but he is mighty. The next month is going to go by so slowly. I just need to keep telling myself that very soon he will be home at last!
As soon as I get the pictures I will post them.