Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas

Christmas 2011

One very Happy Little Boy

Our whole family together for Christmas

Cousin Jacob helping Gideon decorate Jesus Birthday cake

Celebrating with some special friends

Gideon with Santa Claus

Philadelphia Trip

December 19, 2011
Another trip to Philly. I think it is number 5. Anyway we flew through Detroit this time. It is a really cool airport with a tunnel that changes colors and plays music and a cool tram to ride. We stayed at the Ronald McDonald house in Camden again and this time had the Tie Dye room. We met up again with Anna and Fu Xia and made friends with Joe from Florida. Fu Xia has arthrogryposis like Gideon and Joe was a super nice teenager who had a spinal cord injury from a dirt bike accident a few years ago. Gideon loved hanging out with these 2 guys. Anna (Fu Xia's mom) was great company for me as well. The kids were given gifts at Shriners from the local NFL team-the Eagles. Our stay was once again made nice by all the volunteers and great families at the Ronald McDonald house. Gideon was measured for his braces and had casts put on again but this time below the knee. Much nicer. His feet look so nice and straight. Next visit is January-we leave on the 7th, he will have casts removed and braces placed on the 9th. We will be staying the week because Gideon will have surgery on his arm with Dr. Zlotlow on the 13th. We hope to go to the RMH on the 14th and then travel home on the 15th. Dr. Z will be doing a rotational humerus osteotomy on the Left arm and bringing his thumb up. This will turn his hand to face the right way and give him the ability to pinch with his thumb and forefinger. He will be in a cast for 4-6 weeks. Get rid of one cast and get another!

Look at those beautiful straight feet

Tie Dye Room

Gideon and Fu Xia

Tunnel in Detroit Airport