Thursday, January 20, 2011

Doctor's appointment cancelled!

January 20,2011

Well due to the new snowfall we cancelled our postop appointment since it was up in Mason Ohio. It is rescheduled for Monday evening and in Cincinnati so that is closer for us anyway. Gideon is doing great as far as the pain is concerned. He hasn't had any pain medication for over 3 days now and he is sleeping great. His biggest complaints are that he is hot and sweaty and itching all over. We try to keep him as clean as possible with sponge baths daily and rubbing him down as far as we can reach in the cast. Also just scratching his head feels so good for him. He is bored too. The kids are home today due to snow so he has some entertainment today. They push him all over in the wheelchair and play wii a lot. Praying for the next several weeks to go quickly and for good healing of his bones. Praying he is able to stand straighter when these casts come off and get right back into therapy. Praising God for all he has done for this precious child--he is truly a mighty warrior to me!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

He is the Best Patient!

January 11, 2011
Gideon has had a great day. All is good. Now the long 6 weeks begins. We return to the doctor on Jan 20th. It was a snow day today so all the kids were home. Crazy day! At least he had company and friends to play wii with.

We Are Home

Feeling so much better today. The smile is back. Such a mighty warrior!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday morning

January 8
He's a little irritable this morning and does complain about pain. Using the pain pump which helps. He's trying to play Wii but it's difficult for him to control in a laying position so he is very frustrated. He ate a little bit. Will try to get him cleaned up a little and play something else like cards to distract him. Hopefully they will get the foley catheter out today. He really wants me to hold him but he has so much connected to him right now with the monitor, IV's, foley etc.. I had to lay in the bed with him last night which was fine since I let Danielle have to pull out bed-she ended up staying since the roads and traffic were so bad. Daddy is coming back tonight after work and bringing him a milk shake which he is looking forward to. Thanking God that the hardest part is over and praying for a quick 6 weeks until casts come off. Thank you Lord for this precious child and for bringing him through this rough surgery. You are an Awesome God!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Rough Night

Jan 8 2:30am. Well he came through the surgery great. Once we were to his room he was asking for Wii and telling everyone what he needed. He played Wii for several hours and only would complain that he wanted the casts off but not that they hurt. He ate jello and drank apple juice. All night his heart rate has been 150's to 170's=too fast and respirations in 40's and 50's but they are just watching that. As the night progressed to around 11 pm he began to get very upset about the casts and saying he didn't feel well. He said the casts felt squeezy. When I asked where he said around his chest. It was apparently feeling like he couldn't breathe and he panicked. They gave him some valium and this helped with a shot of pain med from the pump and he slept until about 2am. He woke in severe pain so another hit on the pain pump, some tylenol and repositioning and he is finally sleeping again. He really must have had some of the caudal medicine they gave during surgery helping out initially so we need to be sure to keep dosing him with the pain pump to keep it under control. We are using ice packs as well to get some of the swelling down. Praying for a couple hours of rest now. More in the am.

Hospital pics before surgery

Gideon and Monkey George

Pictures at the hospital before surgery

Surgery update-

Well they took him back almost an hour late. Poor little thing has no idea what he is in for. He just knows that Dr. Tamai is fixing his legs and putting casts on them. He was very happy and very talkative and everyone fell in love with him. He blew bubbles and colored and played with "monkey George", his stuffed animal he has with him. I went back with him while they put him to sleep and that is always so hard to watch. He was an angel. He is in the Lord's hands now and we are praying for Him to guide the surgeon's hands and give him the skills he needs and the endurance needed. Also for the anesthesiologist to give him just the right amount of anesthesia and that he monitors him closely. Praying for no pain for Gideon when he wakes up. No infection problems either. I should get an update every 1.5 to 2 hours. I will post again soon.

Surgery Day

Friday Jan 7
I know its been a while-along while since we have posted. But today is a big day. Gideon is having his first major surgery. He has been going to PT and OT and learning to stand in braces but he is so bent at the hips and knees that surgeries will be needed. Today is the first. They are doing a bilateral femoral wedge osteotomy. This is a long and painful surgery for Gideon. It could take up to 7 hours. He will be in a hip spica cast with the bar between his feet for 6 weeks. The end result should be that he can stand straighter and be more independent. Please be praying and I will keep you posted.