Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trip #2 to Philadelphia/Shriners

November 6,2011
We arrived yesterday in Philadelphia without any problems-thank you Jesus! Smooth flights all the way. We were able to fly in this time thanks to my very dear friends Shari and John-we love you guys and you will be blessed! Anyway we were able to get a room at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) in Camden New Jersey where we stayed last time.This time we got a boys room-we are in the farm/tracker room. Though it is not in a very safe area it is really very nice here. We have met some very special people here again this time. We will be in prayer for sweet Emma, 4 years old and diagnosed with cancer. She is from England and she and her parents and older sister are here for the next 6 months to get her the treatment she needs that isn't available in England. We met Ricky who also has arthrogryposis like Gideon and he is from Ohio, between Cincinnati and Dayton, very close to us. Anyway today was a lazy day of just hanging out and getting to know some of the people here. Tomorrow we head to Shriners for Gideon's cast change and to see Dr. VanBosse again. We hope to get a better idea of the future trips and the upcoming surgeries. Below are some pics of the last 2 days. Will post more tomorrow after our visit at Shriners.

Gideon made some fun chocolate treats

Silly Gideon