Monday, November 17, 2008

Trust in the Lord with all Your Heart

November 17,2008
I was feeling a little down today and I admit was doing some worrying about finances. I was dwelling on the fact that we were still $8,000 to $10,000 short needed to bring our boy home from China. We are planning a fundraiser this Saturday. It is a Scrapbooking fundraiser and everyone I talked with today was telling me that they couldn't make it. My sister was hearing the same thing from the people she talked to. So driving home from work I was thinking about this and what we were going to do. As I drove up one of my songs came on. "The Voice of Truth". This was my song throughout Caleb's adoption and it continues to remind me to only listen to one voice--the voice of truth. So I picked up the kids and we went home. I was on the computer checking emails when the phone rang. It was Roberta from church. She called to tell me that this morning they had received a $1000 donation for our adoption. Praise God! I needed some encouragement and affirmation that He was going to provide and not to worry and there it was. Our God is an awesome God and He promised from the beginning to provide for this adoption and he has. I should never doubt that he will complete that which he has started. He has carried us throughout this journey so why would I think he would leave us now. But that's just how we are--just like the Israelites. Even after all we have seen the Lord do we forget and begin to doubt. "Jesus said, Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me." John 14:1. Lord forgive me for doubting and letting my heart be troubled. I know you will never leave me or forsake me.

Now we continue to wait for our LOA. We have not officially heard what our LID (Log in Date) is so we can't officially count. Our dossier was mailed Oct 13 and our agency says we were probably logged in within a week of arrival so I am guessing around Oct 22nd. The wait for LOA (Letter of Approval) has been as short as 65 days and as long as 185 days. We are praying for the shorter end of course. So we are looking at the end of December for the short end and we don't want to think about the long end.
Our Gideon is well. We had those pictures a few weeks ago from families that were there. We are praying that he stays healthy and warm and that we get him home very soon. We are of course trusting Lord to provide the remainder of the money we need to bring him home. We'll keep you posted on any news.
Our friends the Clarks are still waiting for their LOA and they are over 140 days now. We are praying they hear this week.