Friday, September 26, 2008


Sept. 26, 2008

At the beginning of this week I emailed Angela in China requesting her to contact the SWI to make sure our little guy wasn't effected by the tainted formula. The orphanage stated that they had indeed been using that formula but took all the babies to the hospital and had them checked out. All are fine now and they said they would forward pictures. To my surprise they not only sent new pictures but updated measurements as well. He is quite small but I think so precious. He is 72cm tall, weighs 7.4kg (16.28lbs) and has 8 teeth on top and 8 on the bottom. I was thrilled with the update but it still worries me that they were actually using the bad formula. Who knows what long term effects it could have. I will just have to trust God to keep him safe and to speed up our paperwork. I still haven't heard whether it has gone to China yet or not. Praying it goes soon so we can start the countdown. Maybe we will hear by Christmas yet.

Monday, September 15, 2008

September 15

Quite a bit has happened in the past weeks. We finally received our I171-H last Monday the 7th. Tues myself and my friend Cindy drove all over to finish the county certifications and to get the state certifications for Ky. We went from Alexandria to Newport to Louisville to Frankfort and back to Alexandria. It was quite a day. Cindy said she felt like we were in the Amazing Race. It was quite climactic as we arrived at the capital at 4:oo pm and they closed at 4:30. I also then found out I had another paper that needed Ohio certification so on Thursday my mom, and the 3 kids and I drove to Columbus to get this. I then needed to get my pictures together and finish my dossier. So on Friday it was all finished but now I needed 4 copies. Our agency wanted 3 and one for me. After trying to find someplace cheap to make the copies for me to no avail I finally made the copies myself with permission at my church. Everything was sent by fedex on Saturday Morning. In the meantime there was some mixups on the amount we owed. There was much confusion about some of the private donations we had received but finally today, Monday a week later it was all straightened out and our dossier will be sent tomorrow for authentication! We should be dossier to China soon! Praise the Lord! Now we need to concentrate on the remainder of the money we need to raise. We are of course praying for a grant to come through as well. Don't worry Gideon, I'll be there soon! But not soon enough! I'll post another sweet pic of our little warrior.